We give children knowledge with love 

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       We give children knowledge with love - Ms. Jehan

      A Spell Well Montessori School toddler class typically includes children of ages 18 months through 2 years old. The curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, language, math concepts and music. Children learn letters and letter sounds, numbers, shapes, colors, sizes and more. Practical life and sensorial work help the children refine their fine motor skills, and they learn by exploring the materials.

      The child's safety and happiness are our top priority. Often children this age are attending school for the first time. Teachers help students feel safe and loved so that they can devote their energy to learning and socialization.

      Children are encouraged to learn to do things for themselves, such as getting a rug to work on, choosing their own work from shelves, using the bathroom, washing hands, and feeding themselves. Teachers work closely with parents to support toilet-training when the child is ready.

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We Give Children Knowledge With Love - Jehan