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       We give children knowledge with love - Ms. Jehan

I N F A N T 

    The Spell Well Montessori Infant program is located in a separate building that accommodates children of ages 6 weeks to 18 months. The safety, health, and happiness of our students are our top priorities. Each classroom is equipped with age appropriate materials to enhance the growth and development of our students.

   Teachers sit on the floor to interact with the children at eye level. Young children are learning all the time, and our teachers help the children as they learn to walk, talk, feed themselves, and interact with others. The teachers observe and listen to each child so they can respond to the child's needs. By communicating and interacting, the teacher can help the child develop early language skills.


       We give children knowledge with love 

 S P E L L  W E L L 

M O N T E S S O R I     S C H O O L 

We Give Children Knowledge With Love - Jehan