We give children knowledge with love 

 S P E L L  W E L L 

M O N T E S S O R I     S C H O O L 

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       We give children knowledge with love - Ms. Jehan

     This is Spell Well Montessori School's Primary Montessori program. The curriculum covers sensorial, practical life, language, math, science, and geography. We place emphasis on reading and math because these are the basis of all learning later in life.

     The language curriculum is a phonics-based system. Students learn to read phonetically by beginning with the sensory-based phonetic reading program. The math curriculum includes geometry, addition and subtraction. In science we cover life sciences, physical science, botany, and anatomy. Science is taught with hands-on experiments and activities. When teaching geography, we introduce not only the location on the map, but also the people, culture, food, music, and other information about the continents.

     Spell Well Montessori School offers enrichment lessons included in the curriculum with a certified Spanish teacher, physical education teacher, dance instructor, and a music program. 


We Give Children Knowledge With Love - Jehan