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       We give children knowledge with love - Ms. Jehan

      The Spell Well Elementary program is accredited from first  through sixth grade with mixed age groups in the Adventurers and Innovators classrooms.  


      Areas of study include language arts, reading, a weekly spelling test, grammar, mathematics, geometry, pre-algebra, botany, astronomy, zoology, history, geography, art, and physical education. The elementary curriculum is the bridge from the concrete to the abstract. Children experience all areas of study using hands-on materials and individualized lessons.

      The elementary child is learning to be inquisitive, and learns the answers to questions through investigation and research, while enhancing technological skills, which incorporate each student's personal interests.

     Technology and computer skills are taught using laptops and having access to our computer lab. Interactive workbooks are used allowing textbook content and homework access over the internet. Technology is taught without losing the art of handwriting and cursive writing.

     Spell Well Montessori school offers enrichment lessons included in the curriculum with a certified Spanish teacher, physical education teacher, and a dance, ballet, and music program.

    We have the standardized Iowa testing in place for our students annually. The Montessori method stresses on gaining mastery of academic subjects, and comprehensive progress reports are given. National testing can also help parents get information about percentage rates of other students in the same grade across the nation. The majority of our students score one to two grade levels ahead.

   E L E M E N T A R Y

       We give children knowledge with love 

 S P E L L  W E L L 

M O N T E S S O R I     S C H O O L 

We Give Children Knowledge With Love - Jehan